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Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 6604, Folsom, California wants to welcome you to our website. We hope you find everything you need. If not please feel free to contact us.
As yesterday's defenders of freedom, we want to welcome today's military service members into our ranks to become part of our elite group.  Our common bond is the battlefield, whether it is service in the Persian Gulf, Korea, Kosovo, the war on terrorism or peace-keeping expeditionary campaigns. Your courage and sacrifice have made a difference in preserving and defending world peace.
Sean Niemi, Commander
VFW Post 6604


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Folsom Veterans Hall
1300 Forrest St.
Monday to Friday
2 to 6 PM
Thank You
To those Organizations who donated to keep us afloat
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who gave to our Debt Reduction Campaign 
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            American Legion Post 362             
VFW 6604 Auxiliary
Marine Corps League Post 940       
Rolling Hills Blue Star Moms
                        Folsom Lake Lions                         
Rotary Club of Historic Folsom
Military Order of Purple Hearts Chapter 385
Submarine Veterans (Gold Country Base) 
Red River Technology LLC
Chris Dancy
                      Charlie Lux                 
Harry Galloway
       G. Barnett Know       
             Robert Strebel             
Barry Kronowitz
           D.C. Ferguson           
                  Paul Ferrin                   
Bret Sherlock
             Duke Wagg               
            William Frey               
Thomas Melendez
Arne Eastlund
                 Larry Lavagnino                
         Steve Michelson         
Jim Rechcygl
                                Jim and Melisa Threlkeld                             
Violet VanWingen
             Leonard Bowe           
                  Jay Wiley                   
Corky Guenter
           John Macleod             
        Mark Hildebrand         
Len Dobish
                Ken Davis                   
               Karen Reale               
Steve Reale
        Jim Bloodworth         
                 David Lux                   
Rayond Lux
               Bob Repar                   
              Jim Davis                   
John Devenere
                 Ron Tosh                     
           Kent Garman             
Don Currier
         Thurlow Craggs         
           Robert Bailey             
Sean Niemi
Greg the Firefighter
Kenneth Thurman
Romilda McWatters 
Cassandra Lazaro
Glenn Fait
Anthony J. Malfi Jr.
Mary Benson
Memorial Day Video Presentation
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Long Version (17:53)
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As yesterday's defenders of freedom...

 ...we want to welcome today's military service members into our ranks to become part of our elite group.

WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, Kosovo, War in Afghanistan, War in Iraq, War on Global Terror and other Peace-Keeping Expeditionary Campaigns throughout the globe.

Assistance & Benefits

Assistance & Benefits

The Veterans of Foreign Wars is dedicated

 to supporting those who sacrifice so much for this country, veterans, service members in the US Armed Forces, and their families and continues to be a voice for returning and currently deployed service members and their families.