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VFW Post 6604
Closure Notification 

I am regretfully announcing the closure of the Folsom Veterans Hall for a period of 30 days.  The Pub will be closed for all purposes. All events and meetings at the Hall have been cancelled, including our regularly scheduled VFW Post 6604 meeting this coming Wed.  I hope that we will be able to reopen 30 days from now but there is no guarantee that will happen.  A 30-day closure will put us in a precarious financial situation.  We have asked the City of Folsom to waive our rent payments during this time.  They are considering our request but have not yet given us an answer. We are hopeful that we can recover, but the safety and welfare of our members and patrons will remain our highest priority. 

Please know that this was a very difficult decision. I know that many of our members rely on the Hall as a place to go and socialize. Because most of our members and patrons are in a high risk category for COVID-19, the risk of staying open was simply to great, especially in the face of medical advice to the contrary. We did NOT receive an order to close from the City and we are not closing in response to the Governor’s request that all bars close. I sought the advice and counsel of the Post Officers, but the decision was mine alone. I was hoping to hear from the City before I sent out this message. Unfortunately, my duties at the Court kept me from sending it earlier today. I apologize to anyone who made the trip to the Folsom Veterans Hall, only to find it closed today. Thank you for your understanding.


Don Currier
VFW Post 6604