2020 California Veterans Resource Book 8th ed.

Robert D. Bailey - 8/22/2019
Veteran Services / Benefits

​California is home to 1.8 million veterans, representing eight percent of the total U.S. veteran population. California anticipates receiving an additional 30,000 discharged members of the armed services each year for the next several years – more than any other state. Historically, the largest demand for benefits and services for veterans occurs immediately after discharge and again as the veteran population ages and requires greater access to medical facilities and long-term care services. With the substantial number of veterans under the age of 30 leaving the military after deployments to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, coupled with a considerably large population of Vietnam veterans who are now approaching a period in the their lives where they will need greater access to medical and long-term care, California is preparing for a sustained spike in earned services and benefits. (